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Manufacturers of the Pocket Physio and Pocket Physio MAX

One of the Best Selling Trigger Point Tools in Australia. Sold through more than 300 Allied Health Clinics across the country.

Bulk quantity discounts available.

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For most people, improving the way they perform normal tasks like sitting, standing, walking or running is the key to staying mobile and moving pain-free. The problem is, in todays instantaneous world most want a quick fix when they are injured or in pain. Correcting poor posture takes time.

The best therapists don’t just sell services, they sell long term solutions to a problem.

When people pay for your service, they’re buying your time and your professional opinion. Recommending effective products that relieve a person’s symptoms and help correct abnormal movement patterns that cause them, is good for you and your client.

All Lockeroom products are inexpensive, simple to use tools designed specifically to improve mobility and teach people how to help themselves.

Don’t sell products, sell solutions.

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