Stretchband – Large



A high tension elastic loop designed to make it easy to stretch key muscles groups. When used correctly and regularly, this simple flexibility tool will help reduce lower back pain, knee pain and relieve upper back and neck tightness.

  • Hard wearing
  • Size – LARGE (Height > 190 or Limited Flexibility)
  • Recommended for: Basketball/Football/Rowing athletes | Recovery from intense exercise | Improving lower back mobility
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Muscle tightness is one of the most common causes of joint pain, especially lower back pain.

The Stretchband is a simple flexibility tool that helps relieve tight muscles caused by activity such as playing sport regularly, or inactivity such as sitting for long periods.

When used correctly, the band helps maintain correct body position so that each stretch is effective in reducing tone (tension) in the targeted muscle.

Using a Stretchband will assist in reducing the symptoms or severity of lower back pain. It is also useful for hamstring and calf muscle strains or tears or contusions such as corked thighs.

This size is recommended for

People taller than 190cm or with wider than average girth.

People between 170 – 190cm with reduced mobility caused by inactivity or surgery

Athletes: Basketball players | Rugby Forwards |  Netball players | Rowers

Other Sizes

Small  (Up to 170cm tall)
Medium (170cm to 190cm tall

Additional information

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Pack Size

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