Sore Neck Soother


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Don’t let stress become a pain in the neck. Grab a Sore Neck Soother now!

This pack contains:

  • Posture Pro – for easy massage of tight neck muscles and to improve general upper back mobility.
  • Pocket Physio – for localized pressure to relax the muscles in the neck and shoulder. (If you can’t take your Physio’s thumb home, this is the next best thing!)
  • Instant Heat Pack – for temporary soothing pain relief.
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Got a headache?

Got tight neck muscles caused by sitting at a desk all day or looking down at your phone for too long?

Heat and Massage are the best things for it! The Sore Neck Soother is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little pampering to help relieve tension headaches and stress related muscle spasm.

Appreciation guaranteed!

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