General Recovery Pack

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Keep your body active and surprise yourself with how quickly your aches and pains disappear!

This general Recovery Pack includes:

  • Stretchband – a simple, high tension elastic loop designed to help people stretch correctly
  • Ice Mate – a reusable ice bag with compression strap to manage pain and/or swelling. A first aid kit essential!
  • Pocket Physio Massage Ball – an all purpose muscle trigger ball for reducing muscle tightness that causes referred pain.
  • FREE SHIPPING – Australia wide
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The key to getting active and staying active is simple for most people, when they know how.

The human body reacts to movement, regardless of whether there is too much and too little of it!

Strenuous exercise often leads to muscle soreness for the next couple of days as the body reacts to the stresses placed on it. At the same time, being inactive for long periods (like sitting at a desk all day) causes muscle tightness and joint stiffness that can be just as debilitating!

The solution…get moving!

Used regularly at the end of the day, these products are perfect for reducing muscle tightness and encouraging active range of movement in the joints.

All Lockeroom products are designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists and are recommended for people of all ages and level of physical ability. Read More.

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