Upper Body Mobility Pack


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Improve your upper back mobility to reduce back stiffness, improve your sports performance or just stay active and pain free.

This Pack includes:

  • Posture Pro  – designed to release tightness in the muscles on either side of the upper spine.
  • Pocket Physio  – designed to release muscle tightness in the neck, chest and upper back that cause headaches and/or referred pain in the upper back, shoulder and elbow.
  • Traveller Foam Roller – for a general recovery massage of all muscles in the upper body and to improve blood flow in muscles following long periods of inactivity.
  • FREE SHIPPING (Australia wide)
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Back stiffness caused by poor posture or lack of regular activity can impact both physical and mental wellbeing.

Getting active and staying active is simple for most people, when they know how.

The best way to minimise pain in your upper back and neck is by improving your upper body posture.  The products in the upper body mobility pack have been designed to reduce stiffness in the neck joints, improve upper back mobility, and encourage active range of movement in the shoulders.

All Lockeroom products are designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists and are recommended for people of all ages and level of physical ability. Read More.


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