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Treat Your Back For Lower Back Issues With The Best Foam Roller For Lower Back Pain

People with sedentary lifestyle often complain about stiffness and pain in the lower back or spine. This happens because the forces in our body under the effect of gravity accumulate over time. Improve your thoracic mobility with regular exercise. Try Lockeroom foam roller to relieve your lower back pain.

Feel your lower back pain rolling away with Lockeroom foam roller.

Activities That Cause Pain In Back:

There are other activities that add to the stiffness in your upper back. These activities include playing sport, lifting, standing, sitting, riding a bike and jumping. Simple exercise using foam roller can miraculously enhance the pain-free function of other parts of the body.

Roll Away The Adhesion And Knots In Your Muscles With Lockeroom Foam Rollers

Why Bumped Foam Rollers?

Foam rollers are widely used by athletes, therapists and trainers to relieve muscular tension and pain. Conventional foam rollers with smooth surfaces compress soft tissues hence are not as effective as bumped rollers. On the other hand, Rolling on the top of bumped rollers enhances blood flow and tissue flexibility, but to see the results you need to spend good amount of time rolling.

Perform your muscle therapy more effectively with Lockeroom advanced bumped foam rollers. These foam rollers manipulate soft tissue just like a massage therapist. The firm bumps on the surface of the foam roller are designed to act on the affected area much like the thumbs of a massage therapist. These bumps constantly knead the curves of your body, gently working on the soft tissues as you roll over it.

This is how it helps in restoring the flexibility of your muscles and brings back relief to common types of muscular pain.

Erode The Trigger Points In Your Muscles To Restore Your Lost Mobility With The Best Foam Roller At Lockeroom.

The bumps on the foam roller are more rigid than muscle tissue, but a lot softer than bone. If they come in contact with your spine or other bony protrusions, they deflect out of the way preventing bone injury.

With Lockeroom Innovative products and strategies, you can control the amount of pressure these bumps put on your body. We want to see you active and pain free. That’s why we embark on guiding your recovery to make it go away. For deeper, more penetrating relief, increase the pressure by slightly shifting your body. In this way you can reduce your area of your body contacting with the roller.

Move your body back and forth to side to side in rocking motion in order to intensify the massaging action. The asymmetrical bumps in the foam roller flex easily in the direction of the body movement to provide you a wiping-type massage pressure.

Lockeroom products are meticulously engineered to:

  • Stimulate deeper muscular tissue layers
  • Stretch your muscle in multiple planes
  • Stretch your fascia in multiple planes
  • Reliably enabling autogenic inhibition by Concentrating massage pressure.
  • Make the access to soft tissues in proximity to bony prominences easier.

Lockeroom only uses Best quality materials to manufacture exercise equipment, invests comprehensively in development of product and its quality control. We have been in business since 2002, giving out to clients the perfect solutions catered for their needs. That’s how we insures better product performance and stability, and eventually better results for you.

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