Best Exercise Equipment for Back Pain

To whatever profession, we are in today, we all are facing a busy and hectic routine. Currently, due to our inappropriate sitting position, most of us are experiencing a back pain. Lockeroom Health offers different tools and best exercise equipment for back pain.

Cameron Lillicrap – the Director of Lockeroom Health and Physiotherapist has designed different products for back pain. He has extensive years of experience in offering physiotherapy and exercise guidelines to the people. All the products have been created with a focus to give utmost relief to the people affected from the back ache.

The problems of back ache vary from individual to individual. The standard grounds are extended and slouched sitting or lifting heavy weight inappropriately. Lockeroom Health provides Stretchband, Pocket Physio and Posture Pro. These products help a great deal in reducing the problems which are causing the back pain.

Overweight and sluggish lifestyle are contributing greatly to the development of back pain. Lockeroom Health guide people about the different activities and exercise equipment for back problems.


Want to get rid of painful back pain? Use Lockeroom Health’s products to relish pain free life in all times.


Below, we will discuss in detail the exercise equipment for lower back pain, we offer to our clients:

  1. Stretchband

Are you having any physical training session(s)? Is it feeling as increased muscle stiffness that ultimately limiting your joint movement? Are you an office personnel who is supposed to sit all the day long and complete the tasks? Then you would be feeling stretched muscle(s). Keep in mind that this may have a long term effect on muscle tightness.

You can stretch your muscles by using ineffective and poor technique, which may lead to a severe pain or injury. Lockeroom Health provides Stretchband that has been created with long lasting and high tensile netting. This product aids in lessening the lower back pain. It relieves the tightness of the upper back, hence enhances your posture. In case if you are experiencing any muscle injury, then Stretchband can help you recover from it. If you are a cyclist, plumber, footballer, runner, athlete, office employee, etc., then this product will be ideal for you.

  1. Pocket Physio

Once your muscle gets injured or overworked, it starts developing trigger knots. Connective tissues and muscles become sensitive to pain, when compacted.

You would have observed that when pressure is placed on these points, it sends out referred pain to the particular parts of the body. Neck pain, lower back pain, headache, etc, are the common causes of trigger points.

We at Lockeroom Health offers an easy to use and hand held trigger device, Pocket Physio, that puts pressure on the affected area. This product helps in relieving the tension present in the muscle(s) that is causing pain. The shape of the product is just like the thumb or elbow of the Therapist. This specific form is meant to reproduce the pressure on the lower back of a person experiencing a pain.

Whether you are involved in any strenuous activity, playing tough sports or sitting on the table for a whole day in office, keep a Pocket Physio with you at all times to get a relief instantly. This product comes in attractive colours and sizes.

  1. Posture Pro

Desk bound lifestyle in today’s offices has made numerous people complaining about the tightness and pain in the upper back. When we are pressurised with training or lifting, playing sports, sitting, standing or jumping, we can get a stinging upper back pain.

Due to this lifestyle, we all need exercise equipment to strengthen back. Lockeroom Health can help you enhance your upper back movement with our Posture Pro. We promise, this product will have a great impact on the functions of your body.

Posture Pro is a thoracic spine roller. The size of this product is approximately, according to two tennis balls. It makes the spine a cup shape, so that the roller can give a great massage effect. Posture Pro has been created from non-latex TPE. It is long lasting and won’t collapse.

This product may be used either on a regular basis as a preventive exercise or whenever you feel stiffness in the neck or at the back. It lessens the tightness of the muscles, which are causing a tension in the back and neck, hence causing headache.


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