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Tendinopathy is a broad term encompassing painful conditions occurring in and around tendons, in response to overuse. Symptoms include tenderness when touched and pain, often with exercise or movement. Overuse syndromes such as lateral or medial epicondylitis (Tennis or Golfers Elbow) are most often caused by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Poor biomechanics and movement patterns combined with an external trigger can lead to debilitating pain. In many cases of tendinopathy, eccentric strengthening exercise is an effective non-surgical treatment option.

What is a TE Twister?

The TE Twister is a hand held forearm strengthening tool designed to allow graduated recovery from medial and lateral epicondylitis (tendon inflammation) Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow are debilitating conditions that cause significant pain and reduced arm and hand function. Treatment includes gradual strengthening of the muscles of the forearm and the TE Twister is perfect for this.

Who needs one?

Tendon injury and resulting tendinopathy are responsible for up to 30% of consultations to sports doctors and other musculoskeletal health providers

You need one if you experience elbow pain when you:

  • Turn a door handle?
  • Use a screw-driver, drill or scissors?
  • Lift a cup of coffee or saucepan?
  • Hold a pen and write?
  • Use a computer keyboard?
  • Carry something heavy?

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How does it work?

You need to start simple and gradually progress through a sequence of loading exercises if you want your elbow pain to disappear for good. Watch our Physio, Cameron Lillicrap demonstrate how simple it is to use a TE Twister.

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Managing elbow pain takes time. Learn simple exercises you can perform daily to help reduce your pain, return your normal function, and ensure it doesn’t occur again.

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Got a Question?

I’ve tried everything and nothing helps for long. Why is this any different?

The term ‘Tennis Elbow’ is a description, not a diagnosis. The medical term for pain on the outside of the elbow caused by tendon inflammation is lateral epicondylitis. One of the most common causes of this condition is overuse, and it is often seen in Tennis players. It also used to be a common injury aflicting manual labourers, but ‘Screwdriver Elbow’ never really caught on. Repetitive, rotational movements of the wrist and forearm over a period of time may cause this debilitating condition and treatment can take months. A program of graduated strengthening exercises will assist.

I dont play tennis. How can I have Tennis Elbow?

Most conventional Physiotherapy treatment involves extensor muscle releases, cold therapy (ice), neck mobilizations and sometimes cortisone injections. What is often missed in a standard treatment program however, is a strengthening component. The TE Twister has been specifically designed by our Physiotherapist, in conjunction with specialist Orthopaedic Surgeons to enable patients to easily perform progressive loading exercises over a period of time. There is no short term fix for epicondylitis. Treatment can take up to 12 months and the more structure you have around the progression of strengthening, the better your long term outcome will be. If you have a graduated loading exercise plan and you are committed and patient, you’re on right track.

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“…within 3-4 weeks my pain was completely gone and has never come back!”
Georgie Gardener

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Therapists who use Lockeroom products in their treatments are functional movement specialists, and experts at making your pain go away. View our reseller map to find your closest specialist Rehab and Recovery Clinic.

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