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Thoracic Mobility

With increasingly sedentary lifestyles, many people complain of pain and stiffness in the upper back (thoracic spine). The forces our bodies are placed under by the simple effects of gravity will accumulate over time. Add to this the pressures of playing sport, lifting, standing, sitting, riding a bike, or just using a mobile phone too often, and it is no wonder we get a stiff neck and back.

Improving thoracic mobility with a Posture Pro will have a significant impact on pain-free function of other parts of the body like the shoulder, elbow and even lower back!

What is a Posture Pro?

The Posture Pro is a contoured roller designed for mobilizing the thoracic spine and improving flexibility in tight upper back muscles. About the size of two tennis balls, it has a unique spacing to allow the spine to be cupped, and rollers which are ribbed for a great massage effect. Made from non-latex, heat moulded plastic it is tough and durable and will not wear out or deform.

Use daily as a preventative exercise to maintain good neck mobility, or whenever neck tension increases to reduce the muscle tightness that causes upper back pain and tension headaches.

Who needs one?

Essentially anyone who complains of, who has complained of or who is likely to complain of upper back pain will benefit from using the Posture Pro.

In particular:

  • Athletes such as Rowers, Swimmers, Rugby players, Golfers, Cyclists
  • People who sit at a computer for long periods
  • People who bend or lift regularly
  • People who work in abnormal postures eg carrying small children on one hip regularly
  • Long-haul travellers

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How does it work?

Whether you’re using the roller to reduce neck pain or for a specific rehab program to inprove thoracic extension, the posture pro is easy to use when you know how.

Watch Physiotherapist, Cameron Lillicrap, demonstrate some simple thoracic mobility exercise anyone can do.

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Find simple exercises to improve posture and reduce muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders that causes pain, restricted movement and headaches.

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What else do you want to know?

What’s the most effective way to use a Posture Pro?

The best way to use the Posture Pro to release the tight muscles of your neck and upper back is to lie on it and use a ‘roll and hold’ technique to slowly move over the roller from the top of your shoulders to your mid back, and back again. If your muscles are extremely tight and painful, reduce the pressure by rolling against a wall instead. Once muscles have started to relax, pain will reduce and you can advance to the deeper muscle trigger exercises using body weight on the floor.

What our customers say

I am CEO of a teaching company that operates in Australia and numerous countries overseas, specifically teaching the Fitness industry how to be more proactive in minimizing and preventing injury.

We have been purchasing Lockeroom products for our programs for the last 10 years. These products have been incredibly innovative and useful for helping us to service the needs of our customers.

Ulrik - Rehab Trainer

Where can I buy one?

Therapists who use Lockeroom products in their treatments are functional movement specialists, and experts at making your pain go away. View our reseller map to find your closest specialist Rehab and Recovery Clinic.

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Advanced Techniques for Sport

For athletes, improving physical attributes like mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power is the key to improving their physical performance. Sports Physiotherapists work as much in the injury prevention space as they do treating injuries once they have occurred.

I expect the athletes I work with to understand the unique physical demands that their position in the game places on their joints and muscles. The shoulder is particularly vulnerable to both overuse and impact injury because of its structure so we spend time ensuring our strength programs are as effective as they can be.

Improving thoracic mobility is a key component of any strength program. I insist athletes us a Posture Pro to activate muscles and mobilise joints prior to gym sessions and as part of their recovery program following lifting sessions. This gives them the best chance possible of building a robust physique that can withstand the stresses placed on it in both training and competition.

Cameron Lillicrap – Physiotherapist

Queensland Reds Rugby Union Team

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