The most effective way to reduce lateral knee pain.

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Fascial Creep Rolling

‘Myo’ means muscle and ‘fascia’ means band. The most common fascial bands in the body that tighten and cause pain are the ITB (Illio-tibial band) in the lateral quad muscle, and the Plantar Fascia band in the foot. Myofascial release is a technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The most effective way to do this is using a roller.

What is a Footeez?

The Footeez is a concave roller made of non-allergenic TPC with a steel cylindrical core for added strength. It is shaped to provide maximum surface area for rolling. Used as a fascial ‘creep’ roller, it is more effective that a standard ‘foam’ roller, in releasing fascial tension that causes knee, calf and foot pain.

Who needs one?

Fascial tightness is most commonly found in athletes and people who engage in physical activity that involves a high degree of lower leg use, including –

  • Athletes such as Runners, Rowers, and Cyclists
  • People who play field sports such as Soccer, Rugby Union or League, Touch or TRL
  • People play court sports such as Tennis, Volleyball or Netball
  • Fitness professionals and people who regularly weight train
  • Regular walkers or hikers

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How does it work?

‘Creep’ rolling using a Footeez is likely to be uncomfortable (even painful at first) but it is the most effective rolling technique for myofascial release for reducing knee and foot pain caused by tight muscles – See how below

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Got a Question?

I’m a runner and my knee has just started hurting for no reason. What do I do?

There’s no such thing as ‘no reason’. There are many reasons why a person’s knee may hurt during exercise but the most common cause of pain is tightness in the ITB and lateral quad. If you did not have a specific ‘episode’ of injury i.e. falling, twisting or overextending and you don’t have any diagnosed knee degeneration, try using a fascial roller to release the tension in your outer thigh muscles that is likely to be a significant contributor to your pain.

In future, make sure you spend some time on a roller after every running session. 10-15 minutes during a warm down recovery is sufficient to reduce the risk of tightness returning. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure!

Customer Feedback

I have a love-hate relationship with my Footeez! It is so painful to use when doing ITB releases but it probably serves me right. I run and cycle regularly and don’t release my ITB as much as I should so it is no wonder I get knee pain. I hate it because it hurts but love it because it works better than anything else. Forget foam rollers. If you run or ride, you definitely need one of these…but prepare yourself!
Angus Lillicrap

Where can I buy one?

Therapists who use Lockeroom products in their treatments are functional movement specialists, and experts at making your pain go away. View our reseller map to find your closest specialist Rehab and Recovery Clinic.

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Advanced Techniques for Sport

I cannot stress enough to the athletes I work with, the importance of effective myofascial release in improving lower limb mobility, minimizing injury risk and improving performance, particularly in quad dominant sports like Rugby.

In my opinion, foam rollers are a great tool for training preparation but are not targeted enough for athletes.

It takes time to decrease tone in lateral quads and ITB, if they are tight. Best results are achieved using a combination of triggering using a Pocket Physio MAX and myofascial ‘creep’ rolling using a Footeez. To release lateral quads, players are expected to spend at least 20 minutes on the Footeez each session. It’s not designed to be comfortable, and it’s not unusual for players to complain, but the resultant benefits quickly become obvious to them if they understand why they are doing it.

Quad dominance and resulting tightness causes an increased anterior pelvic tilt and increased lumbar lordosis which needs to be corrected. Using a Footeez to release lateral quad and ITB tightness is physical maintenance for athletes but should also be considered essential for anyone suffering from lower back or lateral knee pain.

Cameron Lillicrap – Physiotherapist, Queensland Reds Rugby Team

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