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Here at Lockeroom we’re ideas people. We create stuff. Our designers are the people who use the products in rehabilitation and athletic development programs. They understand mobility and how to improve it to make people move better. This knowledge and experience makes it easy for them to innovate. When you know what a problem is, it’s easy to create a solution.

We’re problem solvers.
We lead, others follow!


Our products work. We know they do because every day they are used and recommended by health and fitness professionals who are functional movement experts. Improving posture takes time and effort, but used correctly and regularly, Lockeroom products will make a difference. Our instruction guides and product videos ensure you get the support you need to move well and perform better!

It’s not just the product,
it’s how you use it that matters!


When you move better, you feel better! It’s that simple yet many people try to make it complicated to sell you an expensive product or service you don’t really need. Take control of your body. Learn to recognise the signs its under stress. Improve your posture and own your aches and pains. Lockeroom products are simple, inexpensive tools designed by Physiotherapists to help you help yourself.

Stand tall. Be Stable. Get Mobile.
It’s that simple!

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