Lockeroom Sports is a leading Australian recovery product manufacturer. Our unique designs have been helping to build robust bodies for more than 28 years. Our signature products include the Stretchband, Pocket Physio, Pocket Physio MAX, Ice Mate, Posture Pro, Footeez and TETwister.

We’re innovators, and are flattered when others follow our lead.

Lockeroom’s injury rehabilitation products and programs focus primarily on movement correction. When you understand how your body moves normally and how it reacts under stress, fixing abnormal movement patterns that cause pain is achievable.

The man behind the Brand

Lockeroom Sports owner and Physiotherapist, Cameron Lillicrap has been inside some of the world’s most prestigious locker rooms for more than 35 years.

He has represented Australian Rugby as both a player and member of their senior medical team, positions which have taken him to four Rugby World Cups and given him the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s most accomplished athletes.

Following ten years as National Team Physiotherapist for the Australian ‘Wallabies’ Rugby Union Team he ‘retired’ to Private practice before returning to an elite sport environment in 2016. He is the current Head Physiotherapist for the Queensland Rugby Union Team.

Cam’s knowledge of injury management, and experience in developing strategies to reduce injury risk are highly respected, within elite sport and the wider medical community. His role at Lockeroom harnesses his clinical knowledge and practical experience to create simple, effective solutions to musculoskeletal issues that limit physical performance.

Whether you’re looking for relief from back pain, recovering from an injury or searching for an athletic edge, Cam has created a Lockeroom product that can help you achieve your goal.

Our Aim is to get you moving

Injury Rehabilitation

The aim of rehabilitation is to not just come back from injury, but to come back better. We design products to make reducing muscle tone, mobilising joints and improving flexibility easy. Reducing the risk of re-injury is our priority.

Functional Movement

The human body is designed to move a certain way. Identifying changes to functional moment patterns is easy when you know what to look for. Pain free movement is easy to achieve when you focus on the cause.

General Wellbeing

Don’t wait to feel better to get active, get active to feel better! Simple exercises to change posture and improve pelvic stability will have a dramatic effect on back pain. Learn how to help yourself today.

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Why Choose Us

Our products work. We know they do because every day they are used and recommended by health and fitness professionals who are functional movement experts: Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Podiatrists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, Exercise specialists, Personal trainers and more.- Recommended by Allied Health Professionals
Improving posture takes time and effort, but used correctly and regularly, Lockeroom products will make a difference. Our instruction guides and product videos ensure you get the support you need to move well and perform better.<br /> - Simple, Easy to Follow Instructions
Our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Science experts have been involved in designing and commercialising innovative health and fitness products for more than sixteen years. Manufactured under the Lockeroom brand, these simple mobility tools are sold in more than 20 countries including Australia, Asia, Japan, UK and USA and are used in the recovery programs of many of Australia's elite sporting teams. - Sold World-wide

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